Prime Time

We challenge survivors, particularly young survivors, to think big in their abilities. Our aim is not just to restore them to their previous selves, but to help them emerge stronger than ever, primed for whatever they may dream to achieve. We push hard because that’s the way “survive” morphs to “thrive” and anyone who has come out the other side of cancer knows it.

The Adventure Project
The Adventure Project exists to help young survivors reclaim their lives and realize their dreams by matching them with highly experienced trainers who will help them reach their goals through personalized training programs. Click here for more information. 

Adventure Retreats
Why not turtle a kayak in the Snake River or crash through the California surf, scale a rock face or charge down rapids in Wyoming? No reason at all, especially if you’re a young adult cancer survivor. These rejuvenating outdoor experiences exist to help young adult cancer survivors re-build their self-esteem and shatter the illusion that they are fragile or limited. Executed in partnership with First Descents, retreats include whitewater kayaking, rock climbing and surfing. Open to survivors ages 18 to 39. Limited spots available. You must apply to participate. Click here for more information.

Academic & Camp Scholarships
We believe in futures, particularly the futures of pediatric cancer survivors. That’s why we support college and camp scholarship programs for these resilient, tenacious, driven young people. Through the Susan Fund and the Christopher Cook Scholarship program offered at Sacred Heart University we are helping these survivors achieve their dreams in colleges across the country. Through Camp Rising Sun each summer, we are helping 130 children who’ve faced cancer see themselves as kids, capable of anything they set their minds to, no matter what.