Give a gift that lasts.

When you give to the Adventure Project, you give young cancer fighters access to the proven benefits of exercise to get past the life-limiting/life-threatening effects of cancer and its treatments …immediately and down the road.

As a supporter, you’ll be on the inside, following the progress of the Adventure Project Class of 2019 through a chronicle of video, audio and photography, as each member pursues a different challenge, follows a different passion. From snowboarding to swimming, and baseball to bicycling, to just getting healthy, each cancer survivor receives the tools they need to train, compete, practice, travel, get coached, and get after it. 


May you live until you die.


“Life is Amazing!”


“One day at a time. One squat at a time.”


Diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at age 18. His goal: "Regain muscle tone and stamina."


Diagnosed with thyroid cancer in college. Her goal: “To be able to consistently workout with different movements.”


Diagnosed with osteosarcoma at age 9, May-Thurners syndrome at age 15. Her goal: "To remain fit and active."


Diagnosed with Clival Chordoma at age 16. His goal: "To improve my balance and be as fit as I've ever been."

We believe people reach the bar you set for them and we believe in setting the bar high, especially for cancer survivors. Because people who face cancer are no soft crew—they’re resilient, determined and want to get on with it …back to life, on their terms, with humor, authenticity and defiance. That’s why we also believe that if you give survivors the right tools and mindset, they can get there …whatever their “there” may be.

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What your support makes possible

A Life Changing Opportunity

For Cancer Survivors Ages 12-30

Follow Their Progress

Stories From Across the USA

Starting January 1, 2019

Sponsors will be part of an exclusive communication throughout 2019, as our Adventure Project members share their story. See what your support makes possible.

The Adventure Project | Class of 2019

Each of the Adventure Project recipients has a story not yet told. The opportunity that your support makes possible will unfold in a chronicle of video, audio, photography and journal entries, as shared by each member of the class.

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