I am a mother of two amazing, hilarious, full of energy, kind little kiddos. They are my world. They exhaust me and brighten each and every one of my days. They make me strive to be the best version of myself every day. 

I am a teacher. Post treatment, I decided to redefine myself and become an educator. I teach fourth grade Math and Science. I am constantly learning and growing from my colleagues and students.  

I am a wife to my high school sweetheart. We love and respect each other with our whole hearts. We have had good days and tough days but we know that we will always pick each other up and brush off the dirt together.

I want to have energy and be healthy for my kids so that I can run and play with them. I want to stay healthy and strong to be a good role model to my kids on how to take care of our bodies. 




Hi! I'm a PhD student in Learning Sciences at the University of Illinois Chicago. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 38 in March 2021. In the past I enjoyed dance and volleyball. I am hoping to join a rowing team in the future! 

Short-term goals - just gain strength back in my arms after my surgery. And also increase my cardiovascular fitness. 

How will this grant help you reach your goals? I will be able to start a new sport (Rowing!) and gain strength in my body, gain cardiovascular strength, help prevent bone loss, and recurrence. So, win, win, win all around! 



I grew up in Ontario and moved to Alberta for my career before being relocated to the Midwest in 2014.  In 2019, the same month I got engaged, I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. I underwent a number of therapies and surgeries before completing active treatment in December 2020.

Activities: Played recreational tennis since high school, recreational jogger, avid Peloton indoor cyclist, joined the Recovery on Water rowing team in August 2020 

Wellness Goals: Continue to rebuild my strength and endurance following completing treatment and surgeries in 2020. Cultivate a meaningful mindfulness practice. 



I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28.  

I work as a physical therapist, primarily in orthopedics but I also spend a lot of time working with breast cancer survivors and thrivers! It's become my favorite part of my practice. During chemo, I joined Recovery On Water - a rowing team in Chicago for breast cancer survivors, and it is truly my silver lining. I've participated in regattas of a wide variety of distances, ranging from 1k to half marathon. I had never thought of myself as a rower before, and I am so lucky that ROW has given me these opportunities. I did gymnastics in high school, endurance running in grad school, and now rowing!

My Wellness Goals:

Become the best rower I possibly can, maintain my fitness levels post-cancer treatment, and maybe lose some weight. 

Reduce my risk of cancer recurrence via exercise. 

Personal Motto:  I can do hard things.



My name is Miranda and I'm 37 years old. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33, even with no family history or genetic markers. My diagnosis was a complete shock; I, like many other young women, believed breast cancer wasn't something someone so young could get.  After 14 months of treatment and procedures, and followed by hormone therapy, I'm still in the process of healing and finding myself again.  My short term goal for my health and wellness is to continue to grow my stamina and stay as active as possible. I still get easily fatigued, but I have been challenging myself to get outside and walk more consistently and to attend ROW team practices more regularly. My long term goals are to build a strong lifestyle of fitness and to advance in skill in the sport of rowing. I hope to compete in more regattas and other races in the next 5+ years. 



I am a 36 year old breast cancer survivor & now that my chemotherapy will be coming to an end, I'm looking for ways to create my "next normal."  I realized I was not only seeking ways to stay more active, but also a community of women who understand everything that I've been through.  



I am a 34-year-old theatre professional, 

screenwriter, giant nerd, and breast cancer survivor. Live 

theatre has been my entire life since age 10, but with COVID-19 

shutting down theaters worldwide I was forced to find other 

passions and places to find meaning in my days. Enter: fitness, 

and rowing specifically. 

Going through cancer treatment has taught me to embrace the chaos of life and enjoy what I can while I can. 




My story begins as a wiry, basketball-loving, bright, and sometimes mischievous kid from Bridgeport, CT. Growing up with just my older sister and mother, mostly, I developed a sense of responsibility and matured faster than most of my peers. This lead to me leading a successful academic career graduating high school and attending the University of Connecticut. During my final semester I began experiencing night sweats and a nagging pain in my left hip. As the story would have it, these were symptoms of Hodgkins Lymphoma.
I would spend the next year battling this disease with everything in me. I've experienced set-backs with my treatment, questioned my morality, and struggled with my self-image. What has gotten me through were the same people I began this journey called life with: my strong support system—my family.
The amount of vulnerability intrinsic to this process of treatment, rest, and recovery forged a unique opportunity to allow my family to show me what it really means to be family. To say this inspired me is an understatement. This experience has lit a fire under me to not only make the most of life, but to make sure they are by my side as I do it. I recognize for this to be possible, I must take my fitness and nutrition seriously. Health is wealth.



Jessica was diagnosed with brain cancer her junior year of high school.

Her goal is to get back to racing her dirt bike.