Brief description of yourself:

I have been cancer-free for 1.5 years. I am a mother of TWO sets of twins ages 9 and 6.

Sports you have played or are interested in starting:

Paddleboarding, yoga

What are your health and wellness goals?:

I have lymphedema in my right arm as a result of lymph node removal in my mastectomy, and I would like to reduce the swelling in my arm by moving more often. I would like to build energy through more cardio and eat more nutritious food to do all I can to remain cancer-free!

How will this grant help you reach your goals?:

This grant would fund the monthly subscription to the MYX Fitness exercise bike and online classes we have at home. In winter in Wisconsin and with four young kids, it gets very difficult for me to get outside to exercise, so being able to exercise at home is extremely valuable to me.

Personal motto or favorite quote?

As a follower of Jesus, I try to emulate his compassion and love everywhere I go.

Top song on your playlist?:

Taylor Swift, Switchfoot

Favorite hobby?:

Paddleboarding with my husband, reading, cross stitching

If applicable, where did you attend college?:

University of Wisconsin-Madison

How do you raise the bar?:

I am never satisfied until I am trying to wring every drop out of this beautiful life we’ve been given and helping those I love to do the same.