These Seven Rules Will Change Your Life After Cancer

What does a life after cancer look like? Jeff Keith, Mission’s Founder & CEO knows. Keith has lived with cancer for over 40 years, and like many pioneers his path was discovered the hard way. Post-treatment side effects and the damage to mind and body weren't being discussed in 1985. There was no research, no clinic, and no evidence to guide the way. Many of the "Lifepaths" that came from his journey have since been validated by the studies and data gathered in the past ten years.

Jeff Keith is known for getting things done. He lost his leg to cancer at age 12 and then began a 30-year journey of success in business and athletics. Earning an MBA at the University of Southern California lead to a 25-year career in Investment banking. Playing Division 1 lacrosse at Boston College, then running across the USA on one-leg, lead to extreme skiing, open water swimming and mountain climbing. Now, Keith juggles operations for his own philanthropic organization with public speaking engagements, media interviews, and consulting, while still finding time to swim, ski, and raise 3 children.

How does he do it: It's all about passion and drive. Whether you're leading a nonprofit organization, running a small company, doing something outdoors, or conducting charity endurance events that require multi-tasking, you have to build habits that keep your vitality high and sustainable.

This is Jeff's LIFEPATH: 
  1. Gratefulness: There is always someone else whose situation is worse; be thankful for what you have and not what you have lost.
  2. A Goal: A chosen objective will keep the “self” motived time and again
  3. Balance: I meditate & stretch every day and I also try to laugh a lot. You WILL burn out without equilibrium in life.
  4. Vigorous Exercise: Seven days a week, I walk out of the pool, get off the bike, or finish a workout with heart pounding and sweat running. When I release endorphins, I rarely have a bad day.
  5. Nutrition: When I eat plant-powered, quality fuel during the day, my energy stays consistent.
  6. Good Teammates: Working with a team of positive people keeps your spirits up and keeps “you” in check.
  7. Fear: try do the one thing you fear the most everyday.