Lacey Henderson

Bringing It.
Fun, Formidable, Paralympian, Perennial Optimist.

Take 10 parts tenacity, add in equal portions of talent, optimism and heart then top it off with a joke, an endless smile and the kind of wisdom you’re left with when you shake off a particularly life-threatening form of cancer and you’ve got 28-year-old Lacey Henderson. Inspiration, fighter, giver—she is a role model for all who meet her.

Excerpt: “Lacey Henderson was just nine years old when her leg was amputated above the knee in a lifesaving measure after the diagnosis of a rare soft tissue tumor in her knee. It was a tough time for a young girl, but Lacey’s focus wasn’t on the negative. Instead, raised with the mindset that if you want something in life you’ll find a way to make it happen – no matter the odds against you – an energetic and active Lacey didn’t hesitate to take on the toughest of challenges, including highly competitive cheerleading in high school and at the college level for Denver University.”

After college, she began competing in track and field for the first time since her amputation, and she quickly made her mark. Currently the American record holder in her competition categories for the 200m and the long jump, Lacey also has her sights on breaking the American record for the 100m. She competed in the 2012 and 2016 Paralympics and continues to train for the 2020 Paralympics.

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