Andrew Newbold |

Three-year starter and senior captain of the Division 1 SHU Pioneers, Andrew, who graduated in 2014, brings his strong work ethic, creative problem solving abilities and leadership skills to Mission. Formerly a recruiter at Insight Global, he’s our go-to guy for all things operational.

Favorite quote:
“Some days are diamonds, some days are stones.” – Grandpa Schaeff

Where he’s from:
A little town called Loveland in Ohio. Fun fact: my town receives thousands of letters every Valentine’s Day to get stamped and re-mailed from the “Sweetheart of Ohio”

Where he studied/What he learned/What he did while he was there:
Sacred Heart University/Finance, Economics/Men’s Lacrosse Team, captain

What makes him feel like he can conquer the world?
I am inspired each and every day by my family. The constant love and support I receive from them makes me feel that it is impossible for me to fail, and makes me that much more motivated to succeed in everything that I do

His favorite things:
Playing sports–whether it’s lacrosse, basketball, or football, I love being active; Travel, The Beach–I have an obsession with the beach, but also seem to have a problem with just relaxing once I’m there. Staying still or in one place for even short periods of time is not something I’m particularly good at.

How I raise the bar:
I strive to go to bed each night a better person then I was when I woke up that morning.

Something not many people know about him:
I’ve actually never broken a bone in my life (knock on wood)

On his playlist…
“Crash into Me” – Dave Matthews
“Good Morning” – Kanye West
“Hooked on a Feeling” – Blue Swede
“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” – Marvin Gaye
“Fortunate Son” – Creedence Clearwater Revival