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Garrison Hayes

Getting the Jump on Cancer.
Undaunted. Driven. Confident. Crushing it.

From your  |  Posted by Cherry Creek Schools, 4/24/17

 "Garrison Hayes’ leg was amputated when he was just a kindergartener. He missed a full year of school to undergo high dose chemotherapy, which left him with some hearing loss, impaired motor skills and what his mom liked to call “chemo brain.” Catching up academically was frustrating, but Hayes was resolute.

“I have a strong desire to do as well as I possibly can, and I’ve been pushing myself not to let the adverse effects of amputation and chemotherapy determine the outcome of my life,” said Hayes, who worked closely with his teachers and counselors throughout elementary, middle and high school.

“They taught me to ask questions and advocate for myself,” Hayes said. “They helped develop my confidence and my self-esteem.”

In fact, Hayes has achieved a 4.0 grade point average during three semesters and has also earned two academic letters. Athletics are also a big part of his life. He competes in in several sports using a prosthetic leg and is an international Paralympic competitor.

Hayes has been named a Daniels Scholar and is a recipient of the “Overcoming Adversity” scholarship, presented by the Retired Employees of Cherry Creek Schools (RECCS). He plans to study biomechanical engineering at a college or university that is yet to be determined."

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