The BOSU and You

From Berkeley Wellness  |  By Jeanine Barone

“BO” is for both; “S” is for sides; “U” is for utilized. Put it together and you get BOSU, or BOSU ball to be exact. It’s pronounced bow-sue, most gyms have one and it can do wonders for your balance, overall strength and aerobic fitness. It adds challenge and variety to your regular workout, and can also be used for stretching.

Nearly any exercise you do on the floor can be done on a BOSU ball and it can be used by athletes at all levels – whether you’re new to the gym or work out regularly. However, if you’ve never used a BOSU ball before, it’s a good idea to take a class at a gym or work with a personal trainer or physical therapist, and have a spotter nearby as you execute different moves.

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