Reaching Deeper. Stretching Farther.

In keeping with the careful fiscal stewardship that has allowed us to grow Mission programming, we continue to control costs and push toward the greatest efficiencies possible in all areas. As we look to build on this momentum and deliver our programming to an even broader audience of survivors, we remain committed to maintaining the same high percentage of total expenses spent on program services and grants.

86% of every dollar spent is directed toward program services.

Mission Admin Costs and Program Funding

In fiscal year 2021, 86% of all expenditures went to program services, 7% to General & Administrative and 7% to Fundraising.

Financial Statements and Additional Information

Mission is committed to donors’ rights and transparency. That’s why we make our financial statements, administrative costs and funding available for your review online.

Get more information about Mission’s achievements, administrative costs and funding through detailed financial statements in our annual report.