Giulia Migani

Diagnosed with leukemia and brain cancer, 20 months. Her goal: “Become more active to improve my health."

Brittany Alvarado

Diagnosed with thyroid cancer in college. Her goal: “To be able to consistently workout with different movements.”

Ryan Tucker

Diagnosed with a large, infiltrating brain stem tumor, 3 years old. His goal: To be able to ride a bike.

Nicole Graham

Diagnosed with ALL Leukemia Type B, 16 years old. Her goal: “To return to the physical ability I had previously."

Josh Rubinstein

Diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, 15 years old. His goal: “To be able to live without pain."

Kat Carroll-Devaney

Diagnosed with thyroid cancer, 16 years old. Her goal: “To re-achieve the things I was capable of before I got sick."

Philip Nicholson

Diagnosed with T-cell ALL leukemia, senior year in high school. His goal: “To be fit enough to play soccer again.”

Alex Fine

Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at 27. Her goal: “To become stronger and more flexible in mind and body."

Brenna Huckaby

Diagnosed with osteosarcoma, 14 years old. Her goals: “Continue to enhance my skills; the 2022 Paralympics."

Lacey Henderson

Diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, 9 years old. Her goal: “I want a personal best and new American record.”