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We believe people reach the bar you set for them and we believe in setting the bar high, especially for cancer survivors. Because people who face cancer are no soft crew—they’re resilient, determined and want to get on with it …back to life, on their terms, with humor, authenticity and defiance. That’s why we also believe that if you give survivors the right tools and mindset, they can get there …whatever their “there” may be. Through Mission, we’re dedicated to supporting them and giving them the tools to reach their personal goals. It’s important because it works. Research shows that cancer recurrence can be reduced through our young survivor programs. Contact us for more information about our wellness and education grants for cancer survivors or submit a grant application today!

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Filling a hole…

  • Today, there are an estimated 15.5 million cancer survivors in the U.S. These friends, family members and neighbors have unique health conditions which are not addressed by current medical care.
  • Most survivors go through intense treatments using toxic drugs and/or radiation which can have lifelong effects; the most common side effects include pain, depression and fatigue.
  • Oncologists and other medical staff are not trained to focus on patients after treatment, nor are they reimbursed for the time.
  • Nationwide, the majority of hospitals that treat cancer patients do not have a wellness program to support them post-treatment.
  • Scientific and clinical evidence show that improving diet, exercise and overall wellness improves quality of life and reduces cancer recurrence, but many survivors need information and support to affect these changes.
  • The Mission Training Center: a paradigm-shifting wellness center and incubator of best practices
  • Digital Wellness: Inspiring and equipping cancer survivors to reclaim their lives through healthy, empowered choices delivered via, social media, our e-newsletter and virtual coaching
  • The Adventure Project: Created to help young survivors across the country reclaim their lives and live their dreams
  • Young Survivor Programs: In addition to the Adventure Project, college scholarships, summer camp and experiential adventure retreats
  • Education & Community Outreach: 12-week community yoga programs, workshops, a speaker series, research, educational/inspirational communication and much more.