Grant FAQ's

  • When can I apply for a grant?

    The grant application process opens on Monday, January 1 at 8 am Eastern Standard Time (EST) and closes on Friday, May 11 at 8 pm EST. You are welcome to apply at any time during that period. We recommend that you submit your application as soon as possible and avoid waiting until the final week. We will not accept applications after Friday, May 11.
  • What can I apply for?

    Applicants can apply for funds in ONLY ONE of the following categories each year:
    • Equipment expenses (prosthetics, adaptive & non-adaptive sport equipment)
    • Travel/Competition expenses (entry fees, flights and lodging for an event)
    • Coaching/Training expenses (gym membership, paying a coach or personal trainer)
  • Can I apply from outside the United States?

    No, we are not currently accepting applications from outside the United States.
  • I am not sure if I qualify. How can I find out?

    Mission only offers grants to individuals that are cancer survivors, or are currently undergoing treatment for cancer. If you have questions regarding eligibility, please contact us at
  • I’m not sure how much my equipment item costs. How can I find out?

    Talk to coaches and fellow athletes, search online, and contact manufacturers for input to help you choose an equipment item that is appropriate for your skill level.
  • What is the maximum amount I can ask for?

    Grant awards vary by each athlete’s ability, financial need and type of request. In the application form, we will provide a base amount offered for most grant categories. If awarded, you can count on at least this amount and perhaps more based on your needs and the strength of your application. Keep in mind that our average grant amount is $1,500.
  • Do I have to submit a medical letter of reference?

    Yes. We must have documentation of your cancer diagnosis to determine if you are eligible for a Mission grant. This letter can be written by one of the following medical professionals: physician, physician’s assistant, oncologist or nurse practitioner. Because we only offer grants to cancer survivors or those currently undergoing treatment for cancer, you are welcome to provide a medical letter of reference that was not written within the past year.
  • What is the personal letter of reference?

    This letter of reference from a coach, teammate, co-worker, employer, etc., should explain why you should receive a grant from Mission. It should be reflective of your character, your participation in sport, and how a Mission grant will help you reach your goals. The letter should reflect your accomplishments in 2017.
  • What should I include in my biography?

    Share your personal story of how sport and athletics contribute to your life. What are your dreams and goals in athletics? What are you doing to achieve them? Include the ways in which you mentor others, and how you give back to your community.
  • Why do I need to include my tax return or other financial statements?

    Financial need is a strong consideration in our grant reviews. A clear picture of your annual income is essential in determining an individual’s need for a grant. Please include the first two pages of your tax return to verify income, dependents and profession. If you do not have a tax return, please submit an SSI or SSDI statement of your annual benefits, or two recent pay stubs. Please conceal your social security number in all documents.
  • What if I am not a U.S. Citizen?

    We are not currently accepting applications from outside the United States.
  • What if I am not employed?

    If you receive only SSI/SSDI benefits, please submit your full statement. If you receive unemployment, please submit a copy of 2 unemployment checks. You must also provide financial information from anybody that is providing financial assistance/support to you.
  • If my adult child (over 18) lives with me and applies, do I have to include my income?

    Yes. ALL household income that helps support your adult child must be included. There is a section in the application called “Special Financial Circumstance” in which you can explain your situation for the reviewers.
  • Other Questions

    If you have additional questions that were not addressed in the FAQs, please contact Mission at: