Helping Young Cancer Survivors Reclaim Their Lives and Live Their Dreams

Fifty years ago, childhood cancers were largely fatal. Today, the childhood cancer survival rate is over 83%. However, young cancer survivors often experience multiple, often severe health problems typical of those much older; they also die prematurely …all due to the treatments they endured. A growing body of research shows the effectiveness of exercise, nutrition and mind body health in neutralizing many of the after effects of cancer treatment. That’s why it is so important for young survivors to adopt healthy lifestyle practices early and forever.

We believe expensive equipment, training and/or access to fitness/wellness resources shouldn’t stop young cancer survivors from their efforts to get to the other side of cancer and stay there. Through Adventure Project Grants, Mission helps survivors overcome these financial impediments to reclaiming their lives and living their dreams.

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The Adventure Project is open to survivors ages 12 to 30. Limited spots available. You must apply to participate.