Brady Wein

Facing Off Against Cancer.
Feisty. Formidable. Lax Bro. Kid.

From US Lacrosse Magazine  |  By Matt Hamilton

Against all odds, 9-year-old Brady Wein is on the field, catching, checking and living his dream of taking face offs for his lacrosse team. When doctors told his parents there was nothing more they could do for Brady, then just three years old and nearly three years into treatment for acute myeloid leukemia, the gloves came off, the fight was on to save his life.

Excerpt: “Through it all, Brady was every bit as cheery as a typical toddler. He wasn’t familiar with another life. He and his father played sports as best they could, whether Brady was connected to tubes at home or in the hospital.

(His father) Mike Wein, a former coach at Chapparal High School in Arizona, made sure lacrosse was part of his son’s life.

‘As soon as he could sit up, Mike had a lacrosse stick in his hand and he was scooping in the hospital bed,” Rachel Wein (his mother) said. “Brady loved it. I thank God for sports. I don’t know what he would have done without that. What would Brady have done without lacrosse? … We’re following him around with a backpack just holding the formula being pumped into his nose. He’s walking around our house scooping with a wooden lacrosse stick.'”

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