My story begins as a wiry, basketball-loving, bright, and sometimes mischievous kid from Bridgeport, CT. Growing up with just my older sister and mother, mostly, I developed a sense of responsibility and matured faster than most of my peers. This lead to me leading a successful academic career graduating high school and attending the University of Connecticut. During my final semester I began experiencing night sweats and a nagging pain in my left hip. As the story would have it, these were symptoms of Hodgkins Lymphoma.
I would spend the next year battling this disease with everything in me. I’ve experienced set-backs with my treatment, questioned my morality, and struggled with my self-image. What has gotten me through were the same people I began this journey called life with: my strong support system—my family.
The amount of vulnerability intrinsic to this process of treatment, rest, and recovery forged a unique opportunity to allow my family to show me what it really means to be family. To say this inspired me is an understatement. This experience has lit a fire under me to not only make the most of life, but to make sure they are by my side as I do it. I recognize for this to be possible, I must take my fitness and nutrition seriously. Health is wealth.