The Health Benefits of Human Connection

From webMD  |  By Nick Tate

Want to be really healthy? Find time for real connection with others. A recent study underscores an emerging public health issue: loneliness, and it rivals obesity and smoking as a health risk.  People who are lonely and isolated are more likely to have cardiovascular disease, problems with their immune system and “may even have a harder time recovering from cancer.”

The keys to combatting loneliness, according to the study, include:

  • Balancing sleep, work, socializing with friends, family time, and “me time” is connected to lower loneliness scores.
  • People who say they sleep just the right amount have lower loneliness scores.
  • People who report spending too much time with family are more likely to say that they feel as though they are part of a group of friends and they can find companionship when they need it.
  • People who say they get just the right amount of exerciseare less likely to be lonely.
  • People who say they work just the right amount are least likely to be lonely.

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