Breaking Through.

Ryan McSweeney came to us with his mom earlier this spring, nine years past the cancer that took one of his eyes. At 12 years old, he was cancer-free, but without a physical outlet he could own—one that could put his feet back under him, along with the confidence that comes with it. There were balance and strength issues, even though the acute stage was long past. Enter the bridge. Since Ryan started working with personal trainer Michael Choothesa at the Mission Training Center, he is learning how to elevate his abilities and expectations for himself through exercise and healthy choices.

“Ryan loves his visits to the Center and is learning about working out, stretching, building muscle and how exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle,” said Monica, Ryan’s mom.

“Every time I go there, it feels like home because everyone is so nice and caring. Me and Michael share lots of the same interests, and he is part of the reason why I love going to the Center. Michael is doing a great job teaching me how to exercise and be healthy. I am grateful to have this opportunity to do this!” said Ryan.