The Fine Art of Conquering Fear

From Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Fear is one of the single biggest, soul-sucking hurdles any of us face. Our ability to overcome our fears is directly related to our ability to be happy, to live the life we want. The good news is, because our fears come from our own thoughts, we can recognize them for what they are, control them and work to get past them. To learn more about fear and how to overcome yours, click here for a great article from Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Excerpt: ‘Fear is the single biggest thing that holds us back. Overcoming fear is an essential step in achieving our goals and dreams.

It’s one of most common reasons people procrastinate on taking action toward their goals. We fear failure, or rejection, or being embarrassed, or disappointing or angering other people, or getting hurt. So we play it safe and avoid taking risks or trying new things.

Fear is natural. But where does it come from? The answer is that it comes from US – from our own minds and imagination.  …That’s why psychologists like to say that fear stands for “Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real.” Because fear is all about what MIGHT happen – not what WILL happen.’