7 Habits of Highly Effective Exercisers

From www.FitTraining.net | By Linda T. Gottlieb, MA, CPT, CET

I work with lots of people who have helped themselves get healthier even after a cancer diagnosis.  Here are 7 tips that might help you get fit and stay that way!

1.      Keep the gear in site
Make sure your sneakers and exercise gear aren’t behind closed doors or hidden away in a closet.  Seeing the balance ball, yoga mat or dumbbells in plain sight reminds your brain to act on these items and not push exercise to the back burner.

2.      Make your work hours – workout hours
If you can’t make it to the gym or the exercise class, make your day more fit.  Your feet are for transportation, aren’t they?  Why not use a step counter and casual shoes to assist your fitness commitment and walk more during the day.   Taking the stairs and walking to lunch or errands can help you squeeze in physical activity when a structured workout simply can’t happen.

3.      Invest in more workout clothes
Instead of only one pair of sneakers or sweatpants, go shopping specifically for nice looking workout wear.  Ill-fitting or rag bin clothes aren’t comfy and don’t reflect the importance of your daily workouts.  Having the right clothing reinforces that you are an exerciser who appreciates wearing the proper garments for the effort.

4.      Log your workouts
This is a biggie.  Whether you use a paper-based log or journal, a simple calendar or an elaborate digital device, capturing your exercise session information is critical in seeing the results (in your actions) perhaps before your body manifests the (in progress) changes.

5.      Involve your favorite charities
A tremendous way to keep your interest level high is to participate in charity events.  There are many to choose from, and the monies you raise are put to good use.  You can stay inspired and contribute to worthy groups while you lose weight and improve your fitness.

6.  Make a friend, make a fitness buddy
Group exercise classes are a super way to meet fellow spinners or yogalinis.  You have something in common already – the interest in the class and focus to get and stay fit.  If you already have friends that share your zeal, recruit one to be a fitness buddy.  Whether they live near you or not, you can help keep each other accountable to your fitness goals.

7.  Create your own contest
Whether it’s money or pride at stake, when there is a contest, folks step up.  Create a neighborhood Olympics, game day or simply log steps taken each day.  One of my client families waged a contest that left the “lowest stepper” the job of walking the dog after dinner.  That’s one way to be sure you and your furry friend get moving!