Jeff Wollman, 2019 Boston Marathon

“I am excited and honored to be running the Boston Marathon this year in support of Mission, and the Adventure Project …The Adventure Project helps young survivors like, Josh Rubinstein, a student athlete from Trumbull, CT to reclaim their lives and live their dreams. Josh was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia last year, and was impacted by a rare condition as a result of his chemo treatment that severely limited his ability to play lacrosse, the sport he loves. His dream is to play in college. I have been fortunate so far to be healthy to live my dream and I want to be able to share this with others as I go through my athletic and racing journey.

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Kim Driscoll, 2018 Boston Marathon

“I am excited and honored to be running the Boston Marathon this year in support of Mission. …Honored because Mission is doing amazing things to combat cancer, especially through their Adventure Project, a free coaching program for cancer survivors age 12-30, helping them to reach their goals while building healthy lifestyle habits.” Kim is running specifically in honor of Adventure Project Athlete Morgan Galdenzi.

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Sean Cowan, 2017 NYC Marathon

“As someone who has been cancer free for more than 10 years, I recognize the ongoing physical struggles many survivors grapple with–and which I was fortunate to avoid. I run marathons because I can.  And to enable organizations like Mission: No Limits to help others utilize training as one of their weapons against cancer.”

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Betsy Auray, 2017 NYC Marathon

“I am running because I CAN run, and I am thankful for that. And if my run can help others, well then, I get to make a dream of my own come true while hopefully someone else benefits in some way.
Empowering cancer patients, survivors and their families empowers us all. We are all connected, we are all survivors, we are all inspired by the heroic character of Amy and of countless others who, whether still with us or not, continue to teach the lesson of being grateful for and embracing LIFE.”

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Carly Lieder, 2017 NYC Marathon

“Ever since my first CTC Bike Ride I have dreamed of making a difference in the lives of cancer survivors, patients, and their families, which is what Mission strives to do on a daily basis. Recently, I have discovered my passion for running. I decided to run the NYC Marathon to both support an organization that I truly believe in, and to prove to myself that with perseverance and hard work, anything that may have seemed impossible in the past is possible.”

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Tom Kottler, Leadville 100

“I am thrilled to ride the Leadville 100 with Team Mission. By riding for Team Mission, I want to raise awareness, hope and the funds needed to help the exploding number of cancer survivors.”

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Jean Paul Desrosiers, Jr., Leadville 100

“What could be better than setting a high bar for ourselves and our team in support of kids who are fighting through cancer and the effects of their treatment to reach their own goals?”

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Kathryn Lieder, 2017 Boston Marathon

“I am eager to run the 2017 Boston Marathon with Team Mission. Mission believes the end of treatment is just the beginning. They empower everyone on the other side of cancer to live longer, dream bigger, push further. The funds from my run will support young survivors through The Adventure Project. The project is a virtual coaching program designed to reach young cancer survivors everywhere, regardless of where they live.”

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 Austin Cook, 2017 Boston Marathon

“I am running the Boston Marathon on Team Mission in support of loved ones who are battling this disease. The funds I raise will support the Adventure Project. The Project gives young survivors fully paid access to dedicated personal trainers who work with them to achieve their goals over a 12-week period. I’m thrilled to be a part of Team Mission.”

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