Beth Mengel

Mission Ambassador. Marathon Runner. 

I am running in honor of my son Eric. Every day he reminds me of what courage, inner strength and determination looks like. My story is really his story. Eric was a sophomore at Fairfield Prep playing rugby and loving life. A routine trip to the Dentist led us to a panoramic scan of his jaw for Trismus and the discovery of a cancerous tumor on the base of his skull. Two surgeries and forty sessions of proton radiation at Massachusetts General Hospital and here we are… one of the lucky ones. The Adventure Project has been a godsend for him. It has helped him get back in shape both physically and mentally. Eric is now a sophomore at Fairfield University playing rugby and loving life once again! Please help me pay it forward. With a little help from my friends, I hope to help another young person benefit from the Adventure Project.

By running for Team Mission, I want to raise awareness, hope and the funds needed to help the exploding number of cancer survivors get what they need to take back their lives from cancer

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