Bryan Fletcher

Striving & Thriving.

Nordic Combined Athlete. Two-Time National Champion. Olympian. World Cup Winner.

Bryan Fletcher was three years old when he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He fought the disease with chemotherapy for the next seven years and suffered a stroke as a consequence. Simultaneously, he discovered ski jumping and then, at age six, cross-country skiing. He remembers: “I was hooked from day one. I would divide my time between chemo treatments and the sport, which helped to keep my spirits alive. I would spend two weeks in Denver undergoing treatments and a week in Steamboat, throwing my body off a jump and into the air! Ultimately, this helped me to fight for my life.” Now 30 years old, Bryan believes that maintaining his passion for skiing is one of the biggest reasons he is still here today. Click here for more about Bryan Fletcher.