Katie Ortman Doble

Cancer Thriver. Optimist. Family Woman. Role Model. 

Katie Ortman Doble prefers to be called a “cancer thriver” rather than a “cancer survivor.” After years of navigating her relationship with cancer, Katie understands that it will always be a part of her life. While she believes that something like a diagnosis shouldn’t define you, she says that your way of approaching what life hands you can.

Katie’s kindness, authenticity, and confidence rubs off on everyone she meets, which is many. She’s the kind of person who will drop what she’s doing to go meet a stranger for coffee in the middle of the day, without asking questions, if it means the possibility of supporting a good cause. While she’s always been a people person, Katie can attribute much of her positive outlook and compassionate demeanor to a surprising discovery that she had ocular melanoma in her left eye in May 2013. Eighteen months later, Katie’s cancer metastasized to her liver. 

A corporate recruiter by trade, her desire to share her story led her to start her own blog, where she posts anything from recipes, to book reviews and helpful articles like “Top Ten Things To Do/Say (Or Not) to a Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patient.” She says that her writing aims to “inspire those facing hardships to trust that happiness is possible,” and that she hopes it will “help those dealing with illness to know their power to take control of their health.”

In Denver, Katie found a community called First Descents. Through that, she has gone on multiple adventures, including a domestic kayaking trip and a journey to Croatia. Katie volunteers at the center and engages with the community online on a regular basis.

After initial treatment, Katie again had the bandwidth to focus on her diet and mind-body wellness, and had success experimented with plant-based eating and alternative therapies. Alongside her movement routines like long distance cycling and aerial fitness, she enjoys meditative pastimes like knitting and arts and crafts. 

Katie says that her cancer diagnosis forced her to make an important decision about how to live her life. Whether on this earth or not, she asked herself how she wanted to be remembered, and realized the impact she truly had on others. Why not be someone that makes others feel happy and supported.

Her memoir, “Love, Your Future Happy Self,” has been in the works for years, and Katie is now in the final stages of self-publishing the book. Her mission is to help others transcend grief, shame, and fear, and learn to love themselves fully. After decades of grappling with self-esteem, Katie now feels comfortable sharing the most vulnerable parts of herself. Cultivating unconditional love for herself, and experiencing the unconditional love of those around her, has inspired her work in the world. 

“Living with stage IV, incurable cancer has its challenges, but more than anything, it has its blessings. I live and love more freely than I ever have. I am a friend hoarder, and I trust in the unending love and support from so many of these friends and family. I have a gorgeous husband and beautiful pup who love me unconditionally. And for the first time in decades, I truly love myself. Life is good,” says Katie.