Partner Profile – Jasmine Smith

Jasmine Smith is an international teacher, speaker, and a true crusader for holistic health, spiritual wellness, mindfulness, meditation and yoga. Jasmine offers new thinking and being- on how to implement mindfulness and spirituality into everyday life. An empath with a big heart, Jasmine has always desired to facilitate healing in others; she spent a decade working as a medical assistant in various specialties including OBGYN, orthopedics and gynecology oncology.

Intuitive Mindset Coach, yogi, meditation teacher, science nerd, hypnotherapist, former medical assistant… and so much more! People often struggle to categorize me and I’m okay with that! I’m not one for labels and I gave up playing by the rules a long time ago.

I do things differently.

Around here— We are not about fluff, we don’t live surface lives AND we don’t do things the old way.

I empower you to see things differently and expand beyond limits.

To live a life of more.

You are a multilayered human. Beautiful and messy. Mental, emotional and spiritual. And you are more than a body, you are more than a mind, you are more than your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You you are an essence, you are a vibration, you are a soul.

There is a different perspective of living, a new way of be-ing and we’re in it 365 days a year.

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