Partner Profile – Heather Waxman

Welcome! I’m Heather. I teach people how to clear the patterns keeping them stuck, level up their spiritual connection, and live life in alignment with their soul’s true essence.

So, what qualifies me to be able to support you along your spiritual path?

It is my intention for this about page to provide several answers to this question, in an effort to cultivate a relationship of greater trust and understanding. The work that I do is very intimate – you are becoming willing to let me hold space for the inner workings of your mind, body, heart, and soul. So, I believe it is my job to be honest and in-integrity with you so that we can create a relationship built on trust, heart connection, authenticity, and understanding.

My name is Heather Waxman and I am here to guide you along your spiritual path and to help you find your voice in this world. I hold space for sensitive, kind, big-hearted people like you to unlock their intuitive gifts, heal anxiety and depression, experience peace in their bodies, and tap into their creative self-expression through spiritual practice. I do this through a variety of offerings: 1:1 coaching, group coaching, guided meditations + breathwork practices, writing, and sound healing.

I combine my eight years of devotion to mastering my own spiritual practice with my worldly credentials as a spiritual life coach, certified Angelic Breath Healing teacher, Kundalini yoga + meditation teacher, and soon-to-be licensed couples + family therapist.

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