Recovery on Water

Every once in a while we discover an organization that truly inspires us. Recovery on Water (ROW) is one of those organizations. ROW is more than a group fundraising for a cause or supporting a mission, ROW is a team. To be more specific, Recovery on Water is a rowing team for breast cancer survivors.

Founded in 2007, ROW harnesses the power of sport to help breast cancer patients and survivors across the country take on their post-diagnosis life and reclaim their bodies, get fit and support one another.

Their values say it all:

“We believe in the power of sport.

It is a valuable tool, capable of improving fitness and quality of life for patients and survivors of breast cancer. Rowing is a low-impact sport that utilizes the whole body and is accessible to all, regardless of fitness level.

We value teamwork.

While we know that a boat is made up of many individuals, we come together and row as one.

We put the team first. Through partnership and relationships, we will create stronger, healthier communities with our boathouse partners, our Bridgeport neighbors, and the greater South Side area.

We celebrate diversity.

Our team and board are ethnically and socioeconomically diverse. We believe this makes us stronger, more open minded, more empathetic and most capable of changing lives. We value all survivors, those who come to us as athletes and those who do not.

We aim for quality.

We are thoughtful stewards, results oriented and data driven. We are constantly evolving our impact based on the needs of those we serve.

We value commitment in all the forms it takes.

Showing up and working hard is essential. For some, commitment is attending practices regularly, for others it is fundraising or volunteerism. All are necessary and equally appreciated.

We aim to build a sustainable organization.

We want ROW to serve patients and survivors for years to come. We achieve this through the leadership of the board, creating a diverse funding pool, and establishing ongoing relationships with breast cancer treatment centers.”

Survivors and patients can get involved with ROW from anywhere, too. VirtuROW offers digital programs and an app that provide access to live-streamed classes, fitness tracking and community groups. Whether you want to join or donate, check out ROW and discover how you can get involved.