The 5 Characteristics of Incredibly Resilient People

From Huffington Post | By Smita Malhotra, M.D. 

Excerpt: “I remember the day I found out that my aunt had cancer. Although she was the most positive person I had ever met, I still worried about how she would handle such an overwhelming diagnosis. Looking back, now that her cancer is in remission, she continues to be the most positive person I know. …She is what I call an elegant spirit. …Life threw her an arrow, and she, an archer herself, caught this arrow and created her bow. She knew that she could not control the fact that this arrow had come to her, but her bow could hold it stable. Instead of defeating her, the arrow ultimately strengthened her.

How do people cultivate such strength? From practicing mindfulness to finding humor in everything, here are five things resilient people have in common.”

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