The Health Benefits of Tennis

From Health Fitness Revolution  |  Men’s Journal

If you like tennis, you’re in luck! The health benefits of this sport are far reaching and many.

Tennis gives you a full body workout. With its quick starts and stops, it can mirror interval training. It also strengthens your bones, enhances flexibility, balance and coordination and improves muscle tone, all while burning up to 600 calories per hour, boosting brain power, mood and aerobic capacities.

As if these weren’t benefits enough, according to research into the exercises and sports that increase your life span the most, as reported by  the British Journal of Sports Medicine, tennis topped the list, coming in with a potential to lower your risk of death from heart disease and stroke by 56 percent just by playing the sport for a few hours each week.

With so much to love about this sport, forget, “Tennis anyone?” Why not, “Tennis everyone!”?

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