Amy Jordan, Owner of WundaBar and Cancer Survivor

 / Source: TODAY

When Amy Jordan experienced some symptoms common to cervical cancer, she didn’t recognize them at first. Still, she hoped her annual gynecological exam would put her mind at ease.

“I didn’t think it was that big of a deal,” the 45-year-old founder and CEO of WundaBar, a Pilates studio in New York City and California, told TODAY. “I went in for a regular appointment.”

But her doctor immediately knew something was wrong: Jordan had a 5-centimeter mass on her cervix. Soon, she learned she had a rare, aggressive cervical cancer. While it seemed bleak, Jordan recently received good news: After five months of treatment, she’s cancer-free.

“I had just completed my 90th hour of chemotherapy, was two months post-op and about to wrap 25 daily radiation sessions. I am sharing these very personal photos with you to normalize illness and the start of a human’s journey back to health. I didn’t want to forget how hard I fought or how sick I was,” she shared on Instagram. “I hope this glimpse into the pain that can co-exist with gratitude helps bring more empathy and understanding to the world.”

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