Angela Trimbur

Empowering others through vulnerability.

Entrepreneur. Dancer. Actress. Influencer. 

Angela Trimbur is the founder and captain of the L.A. City Municipal Dance Squad, a high-energy, all-woman dance group leading monthly community workshops across the city. She started the team to perform halftime shows for the Los Angeles Women’s Community Basketball pickup league.

Trimbur is also a well-known actress and comedian, appearing on shows such as “NCIS” and “The Good Place.” In July 2018, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. One month later, she underwent a double mastectomy. In October, she began chemotherapy, and immediately started documenting her experience with vulnerability and candor. 

Instead of hiding from the spotlight after her diagnosis, Trimbur used her platforms to spread awareness and give her followers a peek into her journey. For example, in July 2019, she posted a video of her in hospital garb, pretending to walk the runway. “Waiting For Oncologist For Two Hours Resort 19’ Collection,” she captioned it. 

“If I’m on the way to losing it all, I might as well make the most of all the different stages,” said the actor, as cited by Vogue. “It’s been helping me jump over these little fear hurdles.”

In the months after her diagnosis, the public figure debuted innovative new hairstyles on Instagram, such as a shoulder-length crop, a platinum blond bob, icy blue hair, and then a ‘90s boy band haircut and Mia Farrow-style pixie. Trimbur not only found the positive in her journey of losing her hair, she says the experiment also helped her track the timeline of her treatment and give it more meaning. Angela finally shaved her head at the end of October, just before her second chemo treatment. 

“I plan to wear my head bald in public … I think many people going through chemo may wear wigs so as not to make other people feel uncomfortable when perhaps it’s a truly empowering feeling to silently say with my bald, shiny head: ‘Yes, this is what I’m going through. Hello, how are you today” she said.