Kenny Toye

Surviving on Track.
Candid. Confident. Living in the moment on his terms.

From |  By Lynda J. Edwards

Excerpt: “Kenny Toye, who grew up breeding and racing horses with his family and now manages Waldorf Farm in North Chatham, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at 26 in 2011.”

From “Cancer taught me to use my own logic and create my own timeline. Before: Every timeline had an ending. Now: Living is my purpose. I feel connected to cancer patients and survivors everywhere. They are, in a sense, my teammates. I want them to know first: Colorectal cancer is beatable. And second: You can do amazing things after and during the bout. A large portion of my 20s has been spent fighting cancer. The cancer is gone. I will never stop fighting. Our time will expire someday, so take the time to live because life can be over before it starts.” – Kenny Toye

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