Owen Brady

Owen Brady.

Star Hockey Player. Resilient Teenager. Fighter.

“In November of 2018, promising prospect Owen Brady was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his left shin. After months of chemotherapy and rehab, he played his first game Friday and plans to continue chasing his hockey dream,” wrote the Hockey News.

Brady, a top prospect for the 2019 Ontario League draft, played his first game this August after almost 21 months. The 17-year-old was blindsided two years back by a cancer diagnosis. What started as a bump on his left shin while he was playing AAA midget hockey, resulted in an osteosarcoma diagnosis and a 19-hour surgical procedure, during which the tumor was removed and his shine was reconstructed.

“In the second period, I blocked a shot with my knee,” Brady said. “Got a nice bruise-slash-scar on top of my scar. But it’s all good.”

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