Sean Swarner

High on Surviving.

Climber. Explorer. Ambassador of Hope.

Sean Swarner takes surviving cancer to a whole new level …a high one, the highest in the world in fact, pushing his limits to inspire others and spread hope of what is possible in the face of a cancer diagnosis. Given just days to live following his second cancer diagnosis at age 16 and subsequently losing the function of one of his lungs to radiation, the 42-year-old became the first cancer survivor to reach the top of Mount Everest.

In fact, he has summited the highest peaks on all seven continents, reached the South Pole and this past April 11th, arrived at the North Pole, completing what is known as the Explorer’s Grand Slam. Driven by all who’ve been touched by cancer, Sean is on a mission to spread hope among cancer survivors through his odds-defying accomplishments.

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