Todd Hardy

The Best Boost.
Fit. Focused. Goal-Getter. 

From Cancer Fighters Thrive

Todd Hardy was 41 years old, a former college and semi-pro football player who had retained his commitment to fitness and working out. He developed a painful kidney stone. While receiving treatment, the doctors discovered lung cancer. The top left lobe of one of his lungs was removed. The next day, with an IV in his arm and a tube in his chest, he walked a mile. Five weeks later, he ran a 5K. All agree his was an unusually fast recovery, owing to a lifetime of fitness. Still, his story is powered by a remarkable ability to position the hurdles he faced as goals to tackle …and by people who continued to expect the best from him, especially the Little League players he coaches.

“The boys knew that I had been diagnosed,” said Todd, “but they didn’t care. The adults in my life were all telling me to take it easy, to tone down my expectations, but the boys just didn’t let up—they still wanted to play, to wrestle, to train—they still expected the best from me.” Being viewed as capable, as the strong coach and friend he’d always been, provided a powerful boost, he said.

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